skid.wav Flintstones (cartoon) skid sound
toon8.wav Cool toon sound; Weeooop!
froggy.wav The cartoon singing frog. (Hello my baby…)
woody2.wav Woody Woodpecker hackles.
ltlp_002.wav Pepe Le Pew: It is love at first site.
aypwip02.wav Pinky & Brain:
Are you pondering what I’m pondering?…
speedy01.wav Speedy Gonsalves’ famous scream!
smurfs1.wav The Smurfs theme
panther1.wav Pink Panther theme
onlyone.wav Poo: The beautiful thing about Tigger…
fatalb.wav Fat Albert: Hey Hey Hey
dudley.wav Dudley Dooright Theme
popeye1.wav Popeye theme
critic07.wav The Critic:
You’re watching? FOX: Shame on you
stupid.wav EEk The Cat: Stupid Electronic Device
droopy.wav Droopy: Thank you sir
exitleft.wav Snagglepuss: Exit stage left
tt-song.wav Tiny Toons theme song
george.wav George of the jungle YELL
looney.wav Looney Tunes Theme
bongofee.wav Sounds of cartoon moving feet
bbrevele.wav Cartoon Revile
spider2.wav Spiderman senses danger
mr-magoo.wav Mr. Magoo
mrmagoo.wav Mr. Magoo theme
underdog.wav There’s no need to fear…Underdog is here!
mutley.wav Mutley’s laugh (sniker)
shakeyes.wav CFB: Stop Shaking your eyes!
animan~1.wav Animaniacs: Now THAT’S Common!
byebye.wav Animaniacs: Ok I Love you Bye Bye

Items on the left menu are Jeff Goebel creations and offered into the public domain. 

Items on the right menu may have copyright held by the original authors.