canada-flagHi There!  My name is Jeff Goebel, and I’m the guy who created over 20 years ago.  I’m friendly and always willing to say HI and answer questions.  If you see me in the webcam below, feel free to say Hi.

WARNING: The webcam may contain nudity and gross actions that offend or disgust you.

These are some of my blog postings, many of which are first drafts complete with all the non-proofread errors. 

Our Dream

Somethig that frustrates me in this new connected world is that we can see tonnes of cool people but they're not in my city. Any future for me is digital and virtual.  I've never had great success with online friends. They last till they don't. I suppose I could look...

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As my pump gently beats.

... but mother, I don't like beets. My father had only one rule about food, no two. No beets Clean your plate. It was a thing. Something to remember because only having one thingf you won't eat, is a strong way to say you'll eat anything. Neat dad memory to start off...

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Weekend Update

It's been a while since I've written and all of a sudden I decided now was a good time. I sat at my desk staring at my screen knowing I have several tasks to do. Not really too many for an average worker, but tasks with a deadline and priority are always a bit...

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It has to start somewhere.

There is an old saying; if you have to start somewhere, it might as well be here. It wasn't referring to blogging. In my case, more sickness and poor health may be on the way, or so goes the path of my imagination at the slightest sign. On day 10 of my hospital...

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Don’t choose a company. Find good people.

Recently, while spending some time in the hospital with an oxygen tube in my nose, I changed a few perspectives. Near death experiences tend to do that. I maintained my customer satisfaction because I was able to continue respeonding to support requests and emails....

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I wish I’d known that yesterday.

Today hit the completion of the seven days in a hospital, and although there is no pain minimum discomfort, I am leaving with some amazing wisdom that will help me in the future. Every single day here, I had at least one open mouth wow moment of joy that caused me...

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I remember thye origin stories of the weirdest things

I remember visually where I was standing when I first heard the CBC Radio announcer describing this piece of music he was about to play. It wasn't so much music like a song, but a tone. Somebody had invented, or discovered this tone that sounded like it was rising...

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I guess they picked today to up the nag level.

I'm the same level of safe today, but the nag level is +1 I knew it was coming, and I was working on a solution but an easier solution was only days away, so I paused that loop. Adding free SSL is going to upset a few people who paid, but it looks like they leveled me...

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My mothers day on the wagon.

We had a dinner buffet at Bob's Country Buffet. I think. I'm not actually 100% sure what came after Bob's country, but I sure do rememnber tha a name like that is real siomple, and availbale to anyone. The people you see here, or at least I saw today, on one of their...

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That Multi-Use Urban Park. Spring Love.

I just witnessed one of the coolest things ever. It seems the park bench I chose to sit on, in the shaded section of an urban strip park comes with a show. The park is approximately the width of a street, and I suspect at one time it probably was, or a service lane...

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