canada-flagHi There!  My name is Jeff Goebel, and I’m the guy who created over 20 years ago.  I’m friendly and always willing to say HI and answer questions.  If you see me in the webcam below, feel free to say Hi.

WARNING: The webcam may contain nudity and gross actions that offend or disgust you.

These are some of my blog postings, many of which are first drafts complete with all the non-proofread errors. 

Charlie’s Message

[Written in 2003 and just found recently] E: Tell me again Uncle Charly.  I am just not getting it.   No, of course you’re not, and there-in lies the problem on so many levels.  You’re not getting it.  I’m not sure if you will ever understand it.  And that’s...

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The things I have done in the alternate universe either alone, or with a companion. [useyourdrive dir="19p_ky9Ugal1s23kPzRtTF4FC9nY8HHOX" mode="gallery" viewrole="guest" downloadrole="all" ]

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WATER – Frequently Asked Questions

I used to read articles in the newsgroups before the Internet really took off.  Many were informative but many were for fun. This one... you can decide for yourself.  This is not my work. It was just shared with me recently from my old collection of text files....

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It’s not real money. It’s Monopoly Money

I take a drug called Paxil for obsession. I missed one day and had the most obsessive dreams I could imagine. I woke up just now at 6 minutes to 6 am from an obsessive nightmare. My things were gone. All the useless things. The things I'd been collecting. I had bought...

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The New Air Raid Siren for 2019

I grew up in a small town and always asked; What's the funny thing in the center of town. I later learned it was an air raid siren. I never heard it and at some point in my youth, it vanished. It's 2019 now and we all carry a personal device with us. In my new home...

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The Script of my dream

I dream quite a lot, primarily because I tend to sleep quite a lot. I often remember them when I wake and sometimes they're worth writing down or posting to Facebook. Today I decided to blog my dream because it relates to my web site in a way. On my home site...

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The Honest Liar

   Yet another beautiful woman requesting to friend me on Facebook, despite actually being an African with a stolen picture.  

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This blog is created using my voice

It's not perfect, however with a little bit of experimentation, I suspect it might actually do some good. I will compare it to the Microsoft speech recognition which is also a part of Windows 10 operating system and we'll see whether or not it's better or worse. I am...

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Blogging via Microsoft Mail – Shrink Week 1

When I have no Internet, the Microsoft Mail program included with Windows 10 still does the spellcheck, so it's a pretty good editor for blogging. Today I realized it can actually be used to send directly to the Wordpress Blog.  I used a Star Trek reference to my...

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Trying Something New

I I am testing a new keyboard that has a silent spacebar for when I'm blogging late at night. The previous spacebars were apparently to loud for her, although they wayI type has alwaysa been particularly gard on the spacebar, all the way back to the Commodore...

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