Does it seem fair that only famous people and politicians get their quotations remembered.  If I was Prime Minister (or President) these are the quotes I would be   famous for.  Sadly, some of my quotes are too deep for the average mind (grin).  Maybe I’ll make them into T-Shirts one day.

Four Rules:
Think before you say,
Read before you ask,
Know before you tell,
Be nice when others don’t.

  • The world isn’t a horrible place. It just plays one on TV  
  • Shakespeare said the world is a stage.  I think, of all the roles we play in life, we are most often the spectators.
  • If everything doesn’t seem profound, then you don’t get it.
  • Things that go without saying should be said more often (lest they be forgot).
  • The scariest thing in the world is a new belief.
  • The best non-religious reason for not killing yourself is curiosity.
  • The Internet brings strangers closer, and lets friends be farther apart.
  • A moment is defined only by it’s end. What are a couple of moments?
  • Life isn’t like a bowl of cherries… Life INCLUDES a bowl of cherries.  
  • Drugs are illegal because conspiracies make sense.
  • Life is a make work project
  • Geeks are the new jocks

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