This is the frogstar horoscope for for today.

SCORPIO – On a Sunday in December a stranger will come up to you and hand you a dirty sock. Thank him kindly and offer him 50 cents for it.

SAGITTARIUS – You could make a lot of money going up to Scorpios and selling dirty socks to them for 50 cents each every Sundays

CAPRICORN – You will have a dream in February about an African Elephant, an Emu, and a humpless camel. It could be worth writing about and selling the movie rights.

AQUARIUS – Your pet goldfish will come down with a terrible contagious disease and you’ll be forced to call in a specialist all the way from Peru.

PISCES – You will come into a deal of money when your lawyer advises you to sue the soup company for leaving the ‘G’ out of your alphabet soup.

ARIES – 2003 is only 362 days for you. Somewhere in the middle of July you will skip two Thursdays due to exhaustion, and a Tuesday to go to your piano lesson.

TAURUS – Do not accept any large sums of money from white tied men who speak in a muffled voice. It could be counterfeit – even if you do want to buy a new hat.

GEMINI – Someone will offer you $6000 for the use of your name in a cat food commercial, but you realize it will mean you’ll have to find a new one so you will refuse.

CANCER – Very early in the year you will be given a small sum of money by someone you know. Do not give it to anyone in exchange for magic beans.

LEO – You will become confused by your fingernails and why they seem to collect dirt under them within minutes of cleaning.

VIRGO – During a card game you will be dealt two 4’s.

LIBRA – It is unlikely that you will find a new miracle cure for every known disease, so you might as well give up trying and start collecting stamps instead.


Items on the left menu are Jeff Goebel creations and offered into the public domain. 

Items on the right menu may have copyright held by the original authors.