thebbc.wav The following program not suitable for family viewing… (described)
zone.wav Eroginous Zooooooone!
albatros.wav ALBATROSS!
shrub.wav We want – A SHRUBBERY!
quest.wav What is your quest?
silence.wav You will find yourself in gladiator school very quickly…
strike.wav Strike him centurion… very wruffly
iamdeath.wav I am death
silly1.wav Now this is silly!
get_on.wav GET ON WITH IT!
mpfren~1.wav Holy Grail: I blow my nose at you!
capricor.wav Life of Brian: Well what star sign is he? [Jesus]… King of the Jews… That’s Capricorn is it?
confess.wav Alright, I confess – I did it.
apologz.wav I apologize for that…
annoy.wav We interrupt… to be irritating
apology.wav Cleese: a long winded, but excellent apology
mp-ping1.wav And get the machine that goes PING
mp-ping.wav I see you’ve got the machine that goes PING
looney1.wav John Cleese: (Fish License) You’re a looney!
rodent.wav That’s no ordinary rabbit…
argue.wav Is this the right room for an argument?
twit.wav Don’t give me that (abuse) …Oh sorry, this is abuse
middle.wav Meaning of Life: Welcome to the middle of the film
bucket.wav Meaning of Life: Better get a bucket; I’m gonna throw up
terrier.wav …Chop off it’s legs…
freemasn.wav (abuse)…I wouldn’t be a free mason now if you begged me…
tryagain.wav …No… Try again, but say a DIFFERENT one…
blaknite.wav Holy Grail: Black Knight’s parting words
bequiet.wav King Arthur: I order you to be quiet!
people~1.wav The Judean people’s front
spam.wav Complete Spam Sketch (and song)
lobjail.wav Life of Brian: In Jail: You lucky bastard…
lobjew.wav Life of Brian: I’m a Jew Mom!
loblatin.wav Life of Brian: Romans go home lesson
lobleper.wav Life of Brian: Spare some change for an ex-leper
loblnlft.wav Life of Brian: Crucifixion? Goooood….
lobpeace.wav Life of Brian: What have the Romans done for us?
nudge.wav Nudge Nudge
better.wav I’m getting better… (Bring out your dead)
sexontv.wav I’m against Sex on TV. I keep falling off
mp-fart.wav Holy Grail: I fart in your general direction
repress.wav Peasant speech to King…Repress against the kingdom
bastard.wav Cleese: You Bastards!
death-am.wav Death speaks out (Meaning of Life)
mp-monks.wav Holy Grail: Monks pounding their heads with boards
mp-msg.wav Holy Grail: Message for you sir
mp-nee.wav Holy Grail: The Knights who say NI
sitonfac.wav Sit on my Face (Song)
mp-nene.wav Holy Grail: Knights who say NI
span2.wav Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
spanish.wav Spanish Inquisition with dramatic chord
swallow.wav Holy Grail: Question 3: What kind of swallow?
mp-notne.wav Holy Grail: No longer the Knights who say NI
mp-shrub.wav Holy Grail: Bring me a shrubbery
bringout.wav Holy Grail: Bring out your dead!
andnow2.wav And now for something completely different
denver.wav John Denver being strangled (banned from radio)

Items on the left menu are Jeff Goebel creations and offered into the public domain. 

Items on the right menu may have copyright held by the original authors.