stupid3.wav Fish Called Wanda: Don’t call me stupid
welcm2.wav Welcome to Jurassic Park
80gigs.wav Johnny Mnemonic: I can carry nearly 80 gigs of data in my head
working3.wav Young Frankenstein: I thought I told you never to interrupt me while I’m working
someday.wav Godfather: Someday I may ask on you for a favour…
tgstupid.wav Top Gun: …regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stuo
twice.wav Top Gun: I’ve only done this twice… crashed and burned… lookin’ good so far
best.wav Conan describes what is best about life.
sexappel.wav The Rock: More appealing than my average day avoiding gang rape in the washrooms…
suprfrek.wav The Rock: Chemical SUPER freak actually, but I still need a gun.
winners.wav The Rock: Losers whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.
term6.wav Terminator: You just can’t go around killing people… Why?
alwyspay.wav Get Shorty: …you have to get kind of rough if customers don’t pay…
wanda.wav Fish Called Wanda: Great long apology speech by John Cleese
wedding1.wav Four Weddings and a Funeral: …to recap in the words of David Cassidy… I think I love you
dontbeg.wav Christmas Carol: Merry Christmas Mr. Scrooge. Don’t beg on this corner boy.
godbles2.wav Christmas Carol: (Tiny Tim) And God Bless us all, everyone.
humbug2.wav Christmas Carol: Merry Christmas… Humbug! Baaah!
leftalon.wav Christmas Carol: What can we put you down for sir?… Nothing… I wish to be left alone
xmasday2.wav Christmas Carol: What day is today? Christmas day! The spirits did it all in one night!
whenmet.wav When Harry met Sally: I love it when you… the way you…
whenmet2.wav When Harry Met Sally: When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
opera2.wav Marx Brothers: The Sanity Clause…
mfalcon5.wav Maltese Falcon: You’ve always got a smooth answer… Whatta ya want? A stutter?
mad-hell.wav Network: I’m MAD AS HELL, and I’m not going to take it anymore!
heather1.wav Heathers: I’m sorry… I’m feeling a little superior tonight…
gwtw.wav Gone with the Wind: …Frankly my dear, I don’t give a…
game1.wav War Games: Shall we play a game?
cpu.wav Terminator 2: Can you learn stuff… so you’re not such a dork…
selfterm.wav terminator 2: I can not self terminate
schizoph.wav Terminator 2: Doctor describes her delusions
paramatr.wav Terminator 2: You have to do what I say?…
lfehasno.wav Interview with a vampire: Life has no meaning… does it?
cbyoukid.wav Bogart: Here’s looking at you, kid.
notabum.wav The Jerk: Steve Martin; I was born a poor black child.
bambi.wav Cousin Vinny: Childs tale in poor taste
who.wav Big Trouble in Little China: You know what old Jack Burton says in a time like this…
hells.wav Big Time in Little China: Chinese have a lot of hells
bequiet.wav The Santa Clause: Be quiet so I can figure this out.
blife.wav Toy Story: There seems to be no sign of intelligent life…
buck_2.wav There they are…Pure Evil!… Lectroids!
celebrat.wav ID4: Today we celebrate our independence day
erased.wav Eraser: Smile, you’ve just been erased
et.wav ID4: …get up there and whip ET’s ass…
fatter.wav The Santa Clause: You’re fatter this year
flight.wav The Santa Clause: Can we take a direct flight back to sanity…
jerk01.wav The Jerk: I was born a poor black child
oz6.wav There’s no place like home
bogart.wav Bogart: Here’s looking at you kid.
ww_kewl.wav Wayne’s World: Kewl!
magicly.wav Wayne’s World: Magically Babelicious
livenow.wav Wayne’s World: Live in the now!
waynew.wav Wayne’s World: Party Time: Excellent
wongfu20.wav To Wong Fu: The last person didn’t have two teeth in his mouth…
gump-st.wav Gump: Stupid is as stupid does
poetry.wav Tank Girl: Torture me… but don’t read me any more of that poetry
tg_daddy.wav Tank Girl:…The first time you got laid; Daddy!
dharry2.wav Dirty Harry: I know what you’re thinking punk… Do you feel lucky?
oh_shit.wav Butch and Sundance jump off cliff
fastimes.wav Fast Times: Hey Bud! Let’s party!
foodfite.wav Animal House: Food fight!
boyscout.wav Naked Gun: I haven’t had this much sex since I was a boy scout leader
snakes.wav Indiana Jones; Snakes! Why’d they have to be snakes?
fewgmen.wav A few Good Men… You can’t handle the truth.
greeting.wav War Games: Greetings Professor Falken
helpyoui.wav Yoda: Help you I can… yes… Hmmm…
howdoi.wav Interview with a Vampire: How shall I do it? [kill myself]
witppl.wav Die Hard: Speech about who is going to help you…
hansyipe.wav Die Hard: German Yippie Kai Ya!
mime.wav Die Hard: …aiming for that mime…
cartoon.wav UHF: Weird Al describes the Roadrunner cartoon
crapbigr.wav Curly: I crap bigger than you
fukfuk~1.wav Planes, Trains…: Steve swears at car rental
fd-base.wav Field of Dreams: James Earl Jones Baseball quote
kill_us.wav Sneakers: There isn’t a government that wouldn’t kill us…
nsa.wav Sneakers: NSA… we’re the good guys (compared to CIA, FBI etc)
brkfst.wav Sneakers: Breakfast… Shall I phone you, or nudge you?
poltrgst.wav Poltergeist: Thhheeeeere heeeeeere!
beaver.wav Naked Gun: Nice beaver… thanks, I just had it stuffed
weapons.wav Broken Arrow: Would you mind not shooting ath the nuclear weapons
itsevil.wav Time Bandits: It’s evil! Don’t touch it!
fonebook.wav The Jerk: The new phonebooks are in!
shithead.wav The Jerk: Don’t call your dog lifesaver…
freshwin.wav The Jerk: Bring us some FRESH win… None of this old stuff
re-run.wav Running Man: I’ll be back… only in a re-run
dontreq.wav Running Man: Arnie; I don’t do requests
tv-ahole.wav Running Man: …you’re the asshole on TV…
takepic.wav Croc Dundee: You can’t take no photograph… you got lens cap on
7million.wav Croc Dundee: …New York must be a friendly place…
specie01.wav Species: I think the shit has hit the fan
specie03.wav Species: …asked me to find someone they didn’t want dead
specie06.wav Species: Doesn’t look like a successful mating to me…
specie07.wav Species: It’s all over everyone…go back to your lives
c2amer02.wav Coming to America: The royal penis is clean
sister~1.wav Hot Shots: … like sleeping with your sister…
sully.wav Commando: (Arnold)… I like you…I’ll kill you last
wedding2.wav 4 Weddings: Forgive me… Bugger Bugger Bugger!
trenchct.wav Mutant Turtles: …looked like a big turtle in a trench coat
pizza1.wav Mutant Turtles: pizza!
turtle1.wav Mutant Turtles: God I love being a Turtle!
nobody.wav Multiplicity: Nobody has sex with my wife but me
mother.wav Psycho: My mother isn’t quite herself today
at&tcrap.wav Crazy People: AT&T ; we’re tired of taking your crap
accident.wav Last Boy scout: …tripped and stuck your dick in my wife
mychick.wav What’s up Tiger Lilly: My snake is going to marry my chicken
nobody.wav What’s up Tiger Lilly: A bad Peter Lore imitation singing; Nobody Knows…
nude.wav What’s up Tiger Lilly: This camera develops with you nude…
snake.wav What’s up Tiger Lilly: My snake! …a long thin coffin?
wierdsci.wav Weird Science theme
shorty02.wav Get Shorty: … I might have to give up loan sharking…
testies.wav Johny Dangerously: Dr Zilman talks about your testies
jndang16.wav Johnny Dangerous: My father hung me on a hook once… ONCE!
jndang08.wav Johnny Dangerous: Dames are put on this earth to weaken us…
jndang10.wav Johnny Dangerous: My mother grabbed me once… ONCE
hula.wav Lion King: Hula Dance
god-man.wav Jurassic Park: God creates dinosaurs…
name.wav Indiana Jones: We named the Dog Indiana
junior.wav Indiana Jones: Don’t call me Junior!
martini.wav Bond: Shaken, not stirred.
ns-flash.wav Night Shift: Jumpin’ Jack Flash
ns-ideas.wav Night Shift: Why I tape record my ideas…
ns-rubbl.wav Night Shift: That Barney Rubble… What an actor.
ns-shut.wav Night Shift: Tell Jack to SHUT UP!
say-much.wav Groucho Marx: You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen
humansee.wav Planet of the Apes: Human see… human do
damn_you.wav Planet of the Apes: DAMN YOU ALL!
pulse1.wav Aliens: Let’s ROCK!
tumor.wav Kindergarten Cop: It might be a tumour… It’s NOT a tumour!
vagina.wav Kindergarten Cop: Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina
goodyear.wav Police Squad: The same old story…
hotshots.wav Hot Shots: Your penis is a weapon…
babe.wav Barbed Wire: Don’t call me Babe.
drkovrl.wav Howard the Duck: I am the Dark Overlord
fartntub.wav Trading Places: If we wanted a Jacuzzi, we had to fart in the tub
beefjrky.wav Trading Places: Time for Beef Jerky
roxanne.wav 48 Hours: Eddie sings ROXANNE
kfm01.wav Kentucky Fried Movie: The popcorn has been pissed in
lilshp04.wav Little Shop of Horrors: FEEED ME!
sc_bond.wav Sean Connery: Bond, James Bond
whatthef.wav Risky Business: Sometimes you gotta say; What the…
allihave.wav Scarface – Pacino: All I have is my balls…
questn.wav ID4: The question of whether we are alone…
timewarp.wav Rocky Horror: Time Warp
goodnews.wav Night of the Creeps: …Your dates are dead…
laststar.wav Last Starfighter: You have been recruited…
heyabbtt.wav Abbott & Costello: Costello yells; HEY ABBOTT
eman01.wav The elephant man: I am not an animal
odd01.wav Odd Couple: Everything you do irritates me…
opinion.wav Clint Eastwood: Opinions are like assholes…
whooa.wav Scent of a woman: OOOHA!
untuoch.wav Untouchables: … send one of his to the morgue
shooteye.wav Christmas Story: You’ll shoot your eye out
reflexes.wav Big Trouble in Little China: Its all in the reflexes
roomsv.wav Johnny Mnemonic: I want room service!
chevychs.wav Christmas Vacation: Chase Insult
bob-see.wav What about Bob?: He’s not gone…
goahead.wav Beetlejuice: Go ahead make my millennium
dontmind.wav Beetlejuice: …Somebody dropped a house on her sister
liver.wav Hanibal Lecter: I ate his liver…
yfrank02.wav Young Frankenstein: Werewolf… There wolf!
wasted.wav Fast Times: I’m so wasted!
speed.wav Top Gun: I feel the need for speed
pirates.wav Jurassic Park: Disneyland vs Jurassic Park
punk.wav Clint: Do ya feel lucky… punk?
et.wav ET Phone Home!
goodking.wav History of World: It’s good to be the king
jackn.wav A Few Good Men: You can’t handle the truth
lionslps.wav Lion King: The lion sleeps tonight
class.wav Back to School: Call me when you have no class
close.wav Close Encounters: Alien tones
fletch01.wav Fletch: …I’ll wave my rights
bad.wav Roger Rabbit: I’m not Bad… I’m just drawn that way
goodmorn.wav Good Morning Vietnam
grouch07.wav Groucho Marks: You’ve got the brain of a 4 year old…
funny.wav GoodFellas: How am I funny?
dvldance.wav Batman: Did you ever dance with the devil…
porsche.wav Crazy People: Porsche ad
donthink.wav Clueless: I don’t THINK so
problem.wav Fast Times…: Hey Bud, what’s your problem?
mrhand.wav Fast Times…: Late for class
tastywav.wav Fast Times…: All I need is a bud, some waves etc…
vista.wav Asta La Vista – Baby!
thevoice.wav Field of Dreams: If you build it – it will come
riddleme.wav Batman: Riddle me this…
puleeze.wav Roger Rabbit: Puuuuleeease
37dicks.wav Clerks: My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks… in a row?
yipekay1.wav Die Hard: Yipekaya!
boxchoc.wav Forest Gump: Life is like a box of chocolates
allbad.wav True Lies: …Yeah, but they were all bad
dogtoo.wav Casablanca: … Gin joints… She walks into mine
yesyes.wav When Harry Met Sally: Orgasm scene
ruthp01.wav Ruthless People: I love wrong numbers
apollo13.wav Apollo 13: We have a problem
bigdeal.wav Broken Arrow: I don’t know what the big deal is…
cool.wav Bill and Ted: Cool
foodfi~1.wav Animal House: FOOD FIGHT
idiot.wav Lion King: Surrounded by idiots
shinin01.wav The Shining: Here’s Johnny!
short001.wav Short Circuit: Number 5 is ALIVE
clous003.wav Pink Panther: What kind of a bomb was it?
inter-tv.wav Speed: Interactive TV
killgoph.wav Caddyshack: Kill all the gophers
hellllo.wav Clueless: Hello?
humbug.wav Bah! Humbug!
wopr02.wav War Games: How about a nice game of chess?
robocop4.wav Robocop: Either way, you’re coming with me
illbback.wav I’ll be back!
intrstng.wav Lion King (I think): Very Interesting
jingle.wav The pig from BABE Sings Jingle Bells
soylent.wav Soylent Green is PEOPLE!
makeday.wav Go ahead… make my day

Items on the left menu are Jeff Goebel creations and offered into the public domain. 

Items on the right menu may have copyright held by the original authors.