This was a real email I received. Apparently my web site must be easily confused with the NBC web site.  This “University” student obviously feels he can submit scripts to me.

From: “Bryan Smygel” –
Subject: Concerning writers
X-Note: This E-mail was sent from ([]).

Hello. My name is Bryan Smygel. I am currently a California State University (CSU), Stanislaus student. Today in an English class we covered another of my papers during the workshop portion. I email you because I was pressured by my class professor, as well as many of the students, to get in touch with the Saturday Night Live production crew with my material. Well, it’s rather a cycle: not only today’s work, but each one I’ve turned in so far has earned recognition for being totally off-beat and amazingly funny. Now, I’m curious as to who I might make contact with about selling my work. If you could, might you either run my name and email address across a production board, or advise my as to where I might contact such a crew? I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks,


EDIT:  Although the original was sent in 2002, early in 2005 Bryan (not his real name) sent me an email asking that I remove this embarassing letter.  I compromised, and told him I’d change the names of those involved.  It is still funny to me, and even more so now that he’s found his name online thanks to Google.


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