Ren and Stimpy

smoke.wav Don’t you know that smoking can kill you?
wait.wav Ren: And now, we must wait.
rs-troub.wav Ren: Oh Oh! Looks like there going to be trouble
ren-swal.wav Ren: Swallow you fool! Swallow!
havefun.wav Ren: Come on guys – we’ll have fun…
ohjoy.wav Stimpy: Oh Joy!
r&s3.wav The LOG song
goodnite.wav Ren: Goodnight Stupid
solitude.wav Ren: Peace and solitude and NO STIMPY!
trustory.wav Stinky Wistleteets: This here’s a true story that we just made up.
boss.wav Stimpy: You’re the boss
aaaahahh.wav Ren: Evil laugh
activate.wav Stimpy: Prepare to activate (boom noises)
beautifu.wav Stimpy: It’s beeeeeeutiful.
dontfeel.wav Ren: I don’t feel so good
eureka!.wav Stimpy: Eureka!
goingmad.wav Ren: …I am going MMAAAAAD!
haahahah.wav Ren: Maniac laugh
layman.wav Stimpy: You’re a layman… I’ll explain it it technical terms
lookstup.wav Ren: Now shut up and look stupid
lostmind.wav Ren: Have you lost your mind?
hurtself.wav Ren: We have to put you where you won’t hurt yourself
ignoranc.wav Ren: Sometimes your wealth of ignorance astounds me
overdose.wav Ren: Oh No! He’s overdosed on TV!
ohnoforg.wav Ren: OooooH No!
perfect.wav Ren: … a perfect specimen of evolutionary progress
bh-oath.wav The Bellhop Oath…
squeak.wav Ren: Squeak I tell you; Squeak!
camera.wav Ren: Smile for the camera
getout.wav Ren: Go on! Get out of here!
gritykit.wav Gritty Kitty Litter commercial
leave.wav Announcer: Leave everything to me!
notreal.wav Ren: Cartoons aren’t real – they’re puppets!
stimplaf.wav Stimpy laughs and says; Funny!
crueler.wav Ren: I learned nature can be cruel… Kill the tree!
nutcase.wav Ren: What are you? Some kind of nutcase?
dontouch.wav Ren: Don’t touch the history eraser button!
nosir.wav Horse: No sir, I didn’t like it.
rscackle.wav Ren’s evil laugh
rswlevil.wav Old serial style voice: Will evil never end?
imthecat.wav 47 Million Dollars?!?! I’m the CAT!
idiots.wav You EEEDIOTS!
iluvthis.wav Stimpy: I luuuuve this
fnce-sng.wav Don’t whiz on the the electric fence
monkey.wav Ren & Stimpy: You little Monkey
oh_joy.wav Stimpy: Oh Joy!
logsong.wav The LOG Song
renstimp.wav Ren and Stimpy Theme
renback.wav Ren: Back off man!
renlaugh.wav Ren’s evil laugh
crazy.wav Stimpy: Stop it! You’re talking CRAZY!
happyjoy.wav Happy Happy – Joy Joy (entire song)
spacemd.wav Ren declares Stimpy has SPACE MADNESS!



Items on the left menu are Jeff Goebel creations and offered into the public domain. 

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