Spaceballs (1987)

spball12.wav Never underestimate the power of the schwartz
spball19.wav This ship will self destruct in 20 seconds…
spball20.wav May the schwartz be with you
spball03.wav Spaceballs: I’m a mawg. Half man, half dog…
dink1.wav The DINKs sing
dink2.wav The DINKs talk
bleeps.wav …The radar bleeps are gone…
im_sur~1.wav I’m surrounded by assholes
evil_w~1.wav Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb
slmoney.wav We’re not doing this for a shitload of money
stuntdbl.wav You idiots! You captured their stunt doubles!
that_w~1.wav That was my virgin alarm.
this_s~1.wav Thank you for pressing the self destruct button…

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