swmeltin.wav Help! I think I’m melting (C3P0)
swreasur.wav That isn’t very re-assuring (C3P0)
badfelln.wav Han: I have a really bad feeling about this
master.wav …In time you will call ME Master.
appraisl.wav The emperor does not share you optimistic appraisal of the situation
fdisturb.wav I find your lack of faith disturbing
size.wav Size matters not; judge me by my size do you?
strength.wav A Jedi’s strength FLOWS from the force
ajedi.wav A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defence
darkpowr.wav Your skills are no match for the power of the dark side
malfunc.wav C3P0: You’d be malfunctioning within a year…
yoda-r2.wav Yoda and R2D2 fight
bidding.wav What is thy bidding master?
nomoon.wav That’s not a moon…
willdie.wav Now young Skywalker… You will die.
yoda1.wav Yoda
saber4.wav Light sabre
help-me.wav Help me Obiwan

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