bear2wat.wav Oh… I just can’t bear to watch
butusaid.wav But you said… Never mind what I said!
spoileds.wav Spoiled Sport
helpless.wav My father… shooting at helpless old ladies.
imacat.wav Father… You’re just not human. Of course! I’m a cat.
leter4me.wav What’s this? A wetter for me?
admirer.wav Well whatta ya know, I got an admirer
heeelp.wav Tweety crys for help… Hewp actually.
deadbird.wav Tweety: (sings) I am tweet little bird…
inhhunt.wav Sylvester’s son: Oh father… give up this inhuman hunt
butusaid.wav Sylvester and Son: …Never mind what I said
sufrnsuc.wav Sylvester: Sufferin Succotash
tooncrus.wav You crushed my wittle head…
puddytat.wav Tweety: I tot I taw a putty tat!
tweetysg.wav Tweety sings

Items on the left menu are Jeff Goebel creations and offered into the public domain. 

Items on the right menu may have copyright held by the original authors.