I can’t explain why strangers like to ask me for advice, but it happens a lot.  I get an instant message from a stranger, usually from the webcams or other online contact – and they ask me the strangest questions.  Today is no different.  This exchange came at the end of a fairly normal HELLO instant message exchange. I’m always amazed at what people ask.

(05 13) 15:24: Jeff G: Thanks for saying Hi. I’m off to the couch for some hard TV watching.

(05 13) 15:24: xxxxnlove: ok

(05 13) 15:24: xxxxnlove: thank u too

(05 13) 15:24: xxxxnlove: next time i have a favour to ask
At this point, I am expecting a request for cash… the usual motive of a lot of strange exchanges. Today, this took me by complete surprise.

(05 13) 15:25: Jeff G: what?
(05 13) 15:26: xxxxnlove: c’mon

(05 13) 15:26: xxxxnlove: am not i a rush about it
(05 13) 15:26: Jeff G: Ask or don’t ask…
(05 13) 15:26: xxxxnlove: i need a girl friend

(05 13) 15:26: xxxxnlove: ever since ma old man passed
(05 13) 15:26: Jeff G: How is that a favour?

(05 13) 15:28: Jeff G: Is there a favour coming?
(05 13) 15:29: xxxxnlove: i mean
(05 13) 15:29: xxxxnlove: need u to assist

(05 13) 15:29: xxxxnlove: i have never done that b4 (05 13) 15:29: xxxxnlove: can u hook me up?
(05 13) 15:29: Jeff G: You’re joking, right?
(05 13) 15:29: xxxxnlove: no man

(05 13) 15:29: xxxxnlove: am 24

(05 13) 15:29: xxxxnlove: single

(05 13) 15:29: xxxxnlove: lonely

(05 13) 15:30: xxxxnlove: no relationship
(05 13) 15:30: Jeff G: So you’ve decided the best way to find a woman is to ask total strangers in foreign countries? There must be 6000 online personal dating sites available.
(05 13) 15:30: Jeff G: Go to http://plentyoffish.com and you’ll find dates instantly!
(05 13) 15:30: xxxxnlove: thanks alot
(05 13) 15:34: Jeff G: Good luck. If you fall in love and wed, invite me to your wedding.

I won’t come, but I’ll make a web page about it (heheh)

Note: I am not endorcoing that specific site. It just happens to be one that I know has no fees for men like many of the really big famous ones. (as of May 2005 anyway)


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