kim_west2003 is hard to pigeonhole

It is important to note these chatters are random.  This is the first time I have ever chatted with this stranger.

Miss Becky didn’t like me playing with her.  She lost her place on the script and starting swearing, which was a first for the African chatters.

miss_becky_alone: How are you doing, i am becky by name. 29 years old and single for now, i come across your picture and just want to say hi, i am new to these and seeking for a very honest loving and caring man, best friend or relationship, i will like to know more about you, you can take a look at my profile and get back to me, i don’t know if you will be interested in me..i will tell you more about me if you will like to know me? miss_becky_alone: has buzzed you! miss_becky_alone:how are you doing and how is your weekend there miss_becky_alone: your name
Jeff: I am Becky Alone.

miss_becky_alone: are you sure miss_becky_alone: do you know that i come across your profile here
Jeff: Yes. It is posted all over Africa.

miss_becky_alone: what miss_becky_alone: where are you from?
Jeff: Texas Dallas.

miss_becky_alone: ic miss_becky_alone: do you have cam ?
Jeff: Yes in fact I do, but I just now woke up. It’s 7:30am here.

miss_becky_alone: ok

Jeff: Where will you telkl me you’re from Becky. (By the way… I’m Jeff) Jeff: oh well…

miss_becky_alone: what miss_becky_alone: has buzzed you!

Jeff: I asked, where will you tell me you’re from? Your profile is blank.

miss_becky_alone: i told you that i m from uk

Jeff: I did not see that.

miss_becky_alone: ok

Jeff: I’ve never been to England.

miss_becky_alone: but your proflie here say taht you are from canada…how manage taht you taxt dalle

Jeff: I lied… just like you. Sorry. I always wait and see if people look at my profile. You said you saw my picture.. I would have thought you would have seen my profile.

(NOTE: I have a FULL profile online. If you find my address, you could look me up.  NOBODY ever does)

miss_becky_alone: ic miss_becky_alone: tell me do you think that i m here to play games?

Jeff: No. I think you’re here to find a man. Jeff: A man to send you money, eventually – just like every other chatter from Africa.

miss_becky_alone: what do you mean miss_becky_alone: you are so stupid? miss_becky_alone: bullshit miss_becky_alone: get out miss_becky_alone: fuck you?????????

Jeff: wow. That’s the first time I’ve seen an African chat swear at me. Jeff: Yikes. Jeff: I’ll add this to my web site of hilarious African chatters, ok? Thanks.

miss_becky_alone: fuck you?
(A question?)

Jeff: I am sorry. Are you saying you’re not from Africa? You just use all the same words. Then I am sorry. I assumed. Jeff: Awwww… we lost out on true love. I actually LIKE Africans more than the British.


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